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Elena Surkova Stained-glass Studio
Fine Art in Stained Glass

Traditional stained-glass painting
Painted stained-glass windows

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Traditional stained-glass painting is one of the exquisite and rare techniques of decorated stained glass. The artist mixes the medium to satisfactory consistency and then pains the glass. Each layer fired in a kilt to the specified temperature.

This technique enables the artisan to create a wide variety of stained-glass work of arts, such as portraits, still life, copy of the works of Old Masters and genre painting.

Stained-glass window made in this technique is like a picture, executed in the best traditions of stained-glass fine art, which emits soft light and rivets people?s eyes on.

The piece of painted stained glass can be framed in lead came or combined frame.

The ideas for subject paintings are very diverse. The painted stained-glass panels are frequently used in interior applications and embellish the interior both internally and externally.

Mosaic from colored glass brings unique and magical combination of light and color to your interior.

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