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Тиффани. Мозаично-паечный витраж. Цветочный орнамент.

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Combination of techniques Kiln-fired glass painting

Витраж "Ангел". Комбинированная техника.

Stained-glass windows can be made with combinations of techniques (mosaic soldering with kiln-fired glass painting and fusing with mosaic soldering with paintings).

This method creates splendid combination of colorful play of stained-glass and paintings, made with kiln-fired glass painting, which helps to achieve more complex visual effect.

Combination of different techniques allows achieving spectacular unique results, which would have been impossible using only one stained-glass technique.

Today application field of stained-glass is quite wide. Vitrage is widely used in decorating houses, apartments, offices and winter gardens. Thanks to the development of the technologies, the stained-glass can be installed in any window or door opening. Stained-glass decorative panels are very popular and widely implemented in interior design nowadays.

The more frequently used products from stained-glass are stained-glass ceilings, stained-glass lampshades, stained-glass door panels, stained-glass room dividers and stained-glass kitchen cabinet doors, stained-glass frames, stained-glass niches and windows. This is due to the fact that these objects are widely implemented in both exterior and interior design.

Витраж. Цветное стекло в сочетании с росписью.

Витраж. Цветное стекло в сочетании с росписью. Витраж. Цветное стекло в сочетании с росписью.

Витраж. Цветное стекло в сочетании с росписью. Витраж. Цветное стекло в сочетании с росписью.

All products made are agreed with the customer and executed according to sketches and drawings and meet customer’s desire and taste.

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