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Тиффани. Мозаично-паечный витраж. Цветочный орнамент.

Elena Surkova Stained-glass Studio
Fine Art in Stained Glass

Elena Surkova Stained-glass Studio, located in Saint Petersburg, specializes in producing stained-glass products, executed in traditional techniques and performs the stained-glass products of both simple and complex design.

Our skillful artisans create stunning stained-glass products using traditional techniques:

Annunciation. Stained-glass window. Painting in the glass. Painting on glass.

Stained glass is certainly one of the most breathtaking and impressive forms of art that exists today, which reflects all the tendencies both of traditional and monumental and decorative art.

Today stained glass art offer unlimited options in manufacturing process, in design, and implementation and offers diverse application possibilities for both interior and exterior use.

Тиффани. Мозаично-паечный витраж. Цветочный орнамент.

The up-date techniques, materials and a wide range of colored stained glass allow us to create a unique and one-of-a-kind work of art. Stained-glass art design is, first of all, a combination of interior space and lighting, which brings inimitable and individual style to your home.

A diverse range of stained-glass works, executed in different size and represent a great variety of subjects, will suit the taste of even the most exacting customer. We can create pictorial or decorative-ornamental compositions made from various colored glass mosaic. We can also produce transparent panels, stained-glass paintings, abstract paintings and geometric ornaments, stained-glass portraits and landscapes, made on a single piece of glass and drawn with kiln paint or made from pieces of colored stained-glass.

Our artisans can execute stained-glass for your interior of any style through the use of different techniques, such as lead came technique, Tiffany, glass-fusing, combination of techniques (colored glass with paintings) and stained-glass painting.

Elena Surkova stained-glass studio is a mobile, flexible company ready for cooperation.

Our studio collaborates with Andrey Gordeev sculpture studio, which produces sculptors from bronze and natural stone.

Our company principles and philosophy is to achieve the best results in designing and producing stained-glass art objects.

All products made are agreed with the customer and executed according to sketches and drawings and meet customer’s desire and taste.

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Elena Surkova Stained-glass Studio.

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